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WHO IS INCLUDED IN THIS WEB SITE? Only deceased individuals or those living individuals who have reached the age of 92 (as per the guidelines used by Stats Canada for releasing Census records) are included in this web site. The compiler's database includes 30,000 names.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: This compilation builds on the work of Dr. Walter Columbus Shier (1869 - 1944) of Uxbridge, Ontario, the author of A Family from Court Mattress, who completed his work in the early part of the 20th Century. Cousins' Hazel Shier-Carlton (1934 - 2017) of Carnduff, Saskatchewan and Stephanie Lillian Shier-Outtrim (1922 - 1987) of Vancouver, British Columbia subsequently completed several updates to Dr. Shier's work.

Marion Shier of Ontario did the initial research on the descendents of Nathaniel Shier (1817 - 1849) and Rachel Doupe (1918 - 1894). Her work was further developed by Larry Shier.

In the 1940's George D. Shier and Florence Roberts did much research on the line of Henry Shier (1730 - 1814), his siblings and descendents. Nancy Shier Crocetti and Anne Klintworth further developed Henry's line. You can follow Anne's blog at

And then there are the numerous cousins, both close and distant from across North America and Ireland that provided additional family details that have made this website possible. Major contributors include from:


Ontario: Larry Shier, Margaret Cameron, Drew McKirlie, Liisa Taverner, Dorothy Shier, Harriette Speiran,Tom Shier, Geoff Shier, Kathryn Green, Mavis Wood, Doris Rennie, Marion Shier, Jim Rummerfield, Evelyn Shier, Tracy Shier, Gigi Gillespie, Mary Forbes, Ron Marshall, Brooke Muench, Bill Weldon, Lynne Brown, Lois Roots, Tim Cronsberry, George Burgin, Harold Burgin, Laurie Wheeler, Ruth Haddow, Terry Bragg

Manitoba: Harolyn Capstick, Toni Raugust.

Saskatchewan: Len Shier, Marvis Seel, Tracy Shier, Marlene Beal

British Columbia:
Larry and Mary Anne Hurren, Ted Shier, Lynn Campbell.


Arizona: Debra Switzer Dirks
Ohio: Anne Klintworth
Michigan: Bill Shier, Nancy Dunstan Peterson, Dana Freas
Illinois: Nancy Shier Crocetti,
Minnesota: Jim Vincent, Donna and Lowell Ludford
Wisconsin: Eleanor Erdman
Washington: Lonny Haseman
California: Janice Lee
Georgia: Tammra Schreier-Baker

IRELAND: Barbara Bingham

ENGLAND: Anne Goulder, Victoria Evans

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