The following descendents of Hans Adam Schrier gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. These names are presented in chronological order based on the year of death.


  • Shier, Charles Jr., 1st Michigan Cavalry: A son of Charles Newkerck Shier and Elizabeth Ridgeway and a Great Grandson of Henry Shier, Charles Shier, a member of the 1st Michigan Cavalry was shot in the left shoulder while fighting during the American Civil War at the Battle of Cedar Creek in Virginia and died two weeks later on Nov. 2, 1864. At that time his father was a member of the Michigan State legislature.

    WORLD WAR 1, 1914 - 1918

  • Shier, Thomas Edward, Private: A son of Albert Shier and Alice Eva Bell, of Owen Sound, Ontario and , a great grandson of Samuel and Ann Shier, Private Thomas Edward Shier, a member of the Canadian Infantry (Canadian Central Regiment), was killed on May 2, 1916 at 19 years of age. He is buried at the Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery in Belgium.

  • Shier, Wesley George, Sergeant: A son of Robert George Shier and Agnes Matilda Doble of Vancouver , British Columbia, and a great-grandson of Richard and Catherine Shier, Wesley George Shier was killed in Belgium on June 2,1916 at the age of 24. He is buried on the grounds of Chateau Van de Peer Boom on the Ypres Diekebusch Road, Belgium.

  • Webster, Lester O., Major: A son of Robert S. Webster and Dora Brethour and a great grandson of Henry Shier 1777 - 1830 and Mary Corneil 1771 - 1861, Major Lester O. Webster was Killed in Action in Belgium on Aug 16, 1916. He is buried in Reninghelst New Military Cemetery, Belgium. His nephew, Flying Officer Lester Webster, would later be killed in WWII.

  • Moore, John William, Private: A son of John Moore and Ellen Marie Wright of Bervie, Ontario, John William Moore enlisted with the Canadian Infantry, (Sasktchewan Regiment). He was killed on September 26, 1916 and is buried in the Vimy Memorial Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.

  • Waddell, Norman James, Private A son of Henry Glendenning Waddell and Martha Shier of Sunderland, Ontario and a Great Grandson of John Shier II, Pvt. Norman James Waddell was killed on Oct 8, 1916 while serving in France. He is buried in Regina Trench Cemetery, Somme, France.

  • Shier, Wallace Manzer, Sergeant: A son of George William Shier and Mary C. Manzer of Yipsilanti, Michigan and a great grandson of Henry Shier (1769 - 1837), Wallace Manzer Shier, enlisted in the Royal Canadian Regiment in Windsor, Ontario prior to the United States participating in the war. He was killed on December 23, 1916 at the age of 37 and is buried in Ecoivres Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.

  • Switzer, Milford William, Private Pct. Miford William Switzer, a son of John Thomas Switzer and Elizabeth Kingsborough died of pneumonia on March 15, 1917 and is buried Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension near Arras, France. HIs brother, George Edward Switzer would be killed a year later in March, 1918.

  • Shier, Christopher George, Lance Corporal A son of Esther M. Shier and the late Joseph Shier of Prospect House , Barrigone, County Limerick, Ireland, Lance Corporal Shier of the Royal Irish Regiment (South Irish Horse) was killed on November 30, 1917 and is buried at the Croisilles British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.

  • Brethour, Oscar Raymond, Private: Oscar Raymond Brethour, a son of Richard Wesley Brethour and Elizabeth Marriott and a great grandson of Richard Shier and Catherine Shier, was a Private with the 27th Battalion, Canadian Infantry. He was killed on August 21, 1917 at 23 years of age. He is memorialized at the Vimy Memorial. He was a 1st cousin of Hector Wilson Brethour who was killed in the war in 1918.

  • Switzer, George Edward, Private George Edward Switzer, a son of John Thomas Switzer and Elizabeth Kingsborough of Paisley, Ontario was killed on March 23, 1918 and is buried in Noyon New British Cemetery, Picardie, France. His brother, Pvt. Milford WIlliam Switzer was killed a year earlier in Mar. 1917.

  • Smith, Pvt. John Sylvester Pvt. John Sylvester Smith was a Great-grandson of Henry Shier and Mary Corneil-Shier of Brock Twp. His grandfather, Corneil Benjamin Shier moved to Michigan. John Smith was serving with the 125th Michigan Infantry when he was killed on May 24, 1918.

  • Fenwick, Albert Roy, Private A son of George Henry Fenwick and Estella Robena Switzer, was Killed in Action on August 26, 1918 and is buried in Tilloy British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.

  • Brethour, Hector Wilson, Private: A son of William Augustus Brethour and Elizabeth Jane Shier of Daysville, Saskatchewan and a great grandson of Richard and Catherine Shier, Private Brethour was killed in France on September 1, 1918 at 36 years of age. He is buried at Upton Wood Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.

  • Shier, Morley Roy, Second Lieutenant: Morley Roy Shier was a son of James Mooney Shier and Catherine Ann Shier and a great grandson of Richard and Catherine Shier and John Shier II and Catherine Piper .He was in the Royal Air Force and his plane was shot down over the North Sea in September 1918, two months before the end of the WW1. He is memorialized at Hollybrook Memorial Cemetery, Hampshire, United Kingdom. His family was a friend of Lucy Maud Montgomery who dedicated her book, Rainbow Valley, to three men from Leaskdale, Ontario who perished in the Great War, one of whom was Morley Roy Shier.

  • Shier, Herman Edgar, Private: A son of Philip Shier and Margaret Jane Brethour of Pefferlaw, Ontario and a great-grandson of Richard and Catherine Shier, Private Herman Edgar Shier was killed in Flanders Fields on September 29, 1918 at 23 years of age. He was buried in St. Olle British Cemetery in France.

  • White, Norman Douglas, Private Pvt. Norman Douglas White, a grandson of Henry White and Elizabeth Shier and G-Gandson of John Shier and Catherine Piper died of pneumonia following more than 3 years in a POW camp at Mainz, Germany. He is buried in Niederzwehren Cemetery, Germany.

  • Hern, Sydney Archie, Private The son of William Hern and Rebecca Brethour of Hamiota, Manitoba, Pvt. Sydney Archie Hern succumbed to pneumonia in Belgium shortly after the end of WWI. He is buried in Mons Communal Cemetery Extension, Mons, Belgium.

    WORLD WAR 2, 1939 - 1945

  • Miller, Gordon Ernest, Flight Sergeant The son of William Henry Miller and Margaret Lucy Hurren, and a 5th Great-Grandson of Hans Adam Schrier, Flight Sergeant Gordon Ernest MIller was killed on September 5, 1942.

  • Kirk, James Frederick, Warrent Officer Class II: A son of Joseph Edward Kirk and Katherine Felicity Venables of Hamiota, Manitoba, and a Great Great grandson of Samuel Shier and Anne Smith, Warrent Officer Class II was with the Royal Canadian Air Force and was killed on February 25, 1943 at the age of 22. He is bured in the Malta Memorial Cemetery, Malta.

  • Fawns, Herman Stanley, Warrant Officer Class II: A son of George Thomas Fawns and Una Beatrice Shier, Herman Stanley Fawns was a great great grandson of Richard and Catherine Shier. He was Killed in Action on June 22, 1943 and is memorialized at the Runneymede Memorial, Surrey, United Kingdom.

  • Shier, Harry Francis, Company Quarter Master Sergeant: A son of John James Shier and Mary Burgess and a Great grandson of Jacob Shier and Ann Sparling, Company Quarter Master Sergeant Harry Francis Shier was killed in Scotland on July 1, 1943, at the age of 30, when he was accidently run over by a truck. He was buried in Angus, United Kingdom.

  • Doupe, Richard S. Vernon, Flying Officer: Richard S. Vernon Doupe was a son of Perminio Francis Doupe and Ella Gertrude Camm and a great grandson of Samuel Shier and Ann Smith. He was Killed in Action on July 5, 1944 at the age of 31 and is buried in Surrey, England.

  • Padfield, George Henry, Private George Henry Padfield, a son of George Padfield and Gertrude Alice Shier was born in Manitoba. He entered the military in 1941 and trained in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Red Deer, Alberta. Subsequent training was received in England. As a driver with the 11th Canadian Field Ambulance Division of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, he was killed on active duty 9 days after arriving in France.

  • Blakey, Harry Albert, Private A son of Thomas Blakey and Bertha Mildred Shier of Maxville, Ontario, Private Blakey was killed in action on August 1, 1944 in France. He was buried in Tilly, La Campagne, France.

  • Doupe, Edgar Charles, Gunner A son of Charles Robert Doupe and Mildred Mae Haney and the husband of Doris Duckett and a 5th Great Grandson of Hans Adam Schrier, Gunner Edgar Charles Doupe was killed on August 4, 1944 at 23 years of age. He is buried at Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery, Basse-Normandie, France.

  • Mills, Murray Allison, Flying Officer, RCAF: A son of J. Murray Mills and Ida M. Mills of North Bay, Ontario and a Great grandson of Sarah Shier (1808 - 1886) and Edward Switzer, Mills was killed in a air operation over Reid, Germany on January 5, 1945 when his Lancaster bomber was shot down. He was 19 years old. He was buried in the Prisoner of War Cemetery at Alhorn, Gernmany and is memorialized at the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, United Kingdom.

  • Webster, Lester, Flying Officer: A son of the late Robert Henry Webster and Alma F. Walker of Toronto, and great great grandson of Henry Shier, 1777-1830 and Mary Corneil 1771 - 1861, Flying Officer Lester Websiter was killed while navigating a Halifax bomber over Germany on Feb 21, 1945.

  • Shier, Russell Roy Marshall, Trooper: A son of John Russel (Russ) Shier and Eliza Jane Sedore of Weldon, Saskatchewan and a great grandson of Jacob Shier and Anne Sparling, Trooper Russell Roy Marshall Shier was killed on May 2, 1945 at the age of 20. He is buried in Holten Cemetery, Holland.

    THE VIETNAM CONFLICT, 1954 - 1975

  • Richard Lee Hogle, Technical Sergeant, United States Air Force: Richard Lee Hogle, from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, the son of Melvin Harry Hogle and Beatrice Helene Staeben and a 3rd greatgrandson of Adam Shier V and Frances Teskey (Blanshard Twp, Perth County, Ontario) died through non-hostile action on June 13, 1966 in Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.

  • Shier, Ronald James, Private First Class: The son of James Corneil Shier (1921 - 1982) and Lena Illa Showers and a great-great-grandson of John Shier I, Private First Class Ronald James Shier of Cadillac, Michigan, lost his life in the Vietnam conflict on March 3, 1969, two months before his 19th birthday. He was killed instantly by small arms fire 30 days after arriving in Vietnam.